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Pet Boarding Facilities

Paw Print Pet Resort is an all-inclusive vacation for your pet. Our pet boarding facility has 13 Luxury Suites for canine boarding.

We Provide:

  • Two family suites
  • Kuranda beds with fleece mats
  • Climate controlled indoor play area
  • Secure grass play area outside
  • Daily Room Service
  • Night time tuck-in service
  • Plenty of hugs and belly rubs
  • Can accommodate any pet schedule just like at home
  • We have solid walls between suites to keep your pet safe this helps your pet rest and not feel threatened or harassed
  • 13 Private Pet Suites
  • 4 suites 4x4
  • 7 suites 4x6
  • 2 suites 6x9
  • Also offer 48" Crates when all of our rooms are full

Indoor Pet Playroom

Our guest will have one-on-one attention to play ball, frisbee, romp around the yard or play with other guests (30 pounds and under and with owners permission). All other guest will have one on one playtime with our staff. Paw Print Pet Resort plays "Through a Dog's Ear" CD to create a calm environment for your pet 24-hours a day!

You are welcome to bring any item from home that will make your pet feel more comfortable toys, blankets or bedding. Please label all items and bedding should be CLEAN and machine washable. We provide thoroughly sanitized stainless steel bowls for all of our guest. Please do not bring any bowls from home unless your pet has special needs and requires a raised bowl. No glass bowls please.

Indoor Pet Playroom


A sudden change in a pet’s diet can cause an upset stomach. Therefore we recommend that you bring the food your pet is accustomed to eating. Please bring you dogs food in a sealed container or you may pre-portion into individual bags. If you have special treats for your pet please bring them also.

Fresh water is always available. Our guest are let outside a minimum of six times a day starting at 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. A daily report on consumption and elimination will be kept.